One-handed SLR – a compact design for steadier photos


Avast me hearties! I sees a new fangled telescopey camera contraption on the horizon and she be headin’ our way. Gyaarrgh!

Good quality SLRs are so incredibly bulky. I am lapsed amateur photographer and I recall one of the great banes of the noble art is carrying around truck loads of equipment, with the camera alone requiring both hands and your neck to swing heavily about.

See the trouble is you never know when you’ll need it, which translates as: you always need to have it just in case and, thanks to designer Manuel Perez Prada, that burden just got a little lighter.

All the functions from the body of a regular SLR have been condensed into the barrel of this concept design and although all the more moving parts may make for a poorer quality image, clarity would be added by the extra ease with which the user can keep the camera steady. In fact, Manuel’s idea is that you can dispense with tripod altogether.


The flash is housed in a ring around the lens – a design already used in professional photography – meaning the only question is whether the one hand focus camera allows for different optics? Can the lens be changed?

This is obviously a huge part of photography and unfortunately one of the other reasons one ends up with so much equipment. Now, if someone could create a single optic of high fidelity that could stretch and bend from fish eye to telephoto, now that would be something.

Manuel Perez Prada (via Yanko Design)

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