Award-winning designer Jonathan Ive talks about Apple inspiration

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jonathan_ive.jpgThe Independent has published an interview with award-winning designer, Jonathan Ive, who has now won a record six D&AD awards, including one for the iMac and one for the iPod.

He explains how Apple’s striving for great design affects everything it does. “We have a very clear focus that all the development teams at Apple share, a focus around trying to make really great products,” Ive says. “That can sound ridiculously simplistic, almost naïve, but it’s very unique for the product to be what consumes you completely. And when I say the product I mean the product in its total sense, the hardware and the software, the complete experience that people will have. We push each other, we’re very self-critical and we’ll take the time to get the product right.”

Ive says he doesn’t get an ego rush from seeing people using the products he’s had a hand in designing, but rather his goal is, “simply to try to make products that really are meaningful to people. Ultimately there is something motivating and inspiring in seeing someone using an Apple product and enjoying an Apple product.”

Ive has worked with Apple for around twenty years, and couldn’t imagine working anywhere else. I’m not surprised.

(Via The Independent)

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