Somela Fast Dehydrator: a hi-tech mangle (not a pedal bin)

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This may look like a pedal bin but it’s actually the world’s smallest tumble dryer of a sort, in that it doesn’t tumble at all.

The Somela Fast Dehydrator works by hand, drying one item at a time in between three and five minutes a piece, and it uses powerful blasts of non-hot air that do not damage your clothes. It sounds rather like the reintroduction of a hi-tech mangle.

Now, that’s not too practical for a whole wash but how many times do you need that shirt to wear now? How often have you walked out of the house with damp cuffs or a slightly soggy limp? Starting to see the use?

You can watch all the exorcised water collect at the bottom rather like a George Foreman Grill. As with the grill, I’m not really sure what you’re supposed to do with the run-off.

The major competition for the Somela Fast Dehydrator is the washer/dryer – space-saving and automatic – but then, not everyone has one and this dryer is a lot cheaper at 18,000 yen (£87).

The other problem is that it’s yet another piece of kit that’ll be cluttering up your house and you’ll probably have to spend your life explaining to visitors that it’s not a bin or else end up with essence of garbage juice infused into your apparel.

Somela Fast Dehydrator (via Dvice)

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