Up close with the Sony BRAVIA range: Part 3: Connections


As you’d expect from Sony, all BRAVIA TVs can be linked to a wide range of other home cinema and audio equipment, be that the latest Blu-ray players, games console, and set top boxes, or older devices such as DVD and video recorders.

High Definition connections

HDMI (High Definition Multimedia Interface) is currently the most common way of connection HD-capable equipment together (see our Guide to the Ultimate High Definition Home Cinema Experience for more information on how it works.

All BRAVIA TVs have at least one connection, and most have two or more
so that several devices can be connected at once without the hassle of switching cables.

HDMI is an evolving standard, with new features being added to each version. Sony has ensured their TVs use the most up-to-date working version — 1.3a — allowing higher quality audio and video to be enjoyed.

BRAVIA Theatre Sync

Instead of having to use several remote control units for different equipment, BRAVIA Theatre Sync allows compatible Sony equipment to be controlled and synchronised from just one BRAVIA remote control.

For example, pressing the PLAY button on a Blu-ray player will automatically activate every device connected to the player via HDMI with CEC.

Connecting older equipment

It’s great to have the latest Blu-ray player, PlayStation 3, and Sky HD box, but most people still have older equipment that they want to connect to their TV.

Sony’s TVs will quite happily connect older equipment, via a range of standard connections including PC input, component, composite, and Scart.

Digital Life

It’s a fairly new concept to be able to connect a digital camera directly to the TV for viewing photos. Sony includes a USB port and multi-format card reader on many of its BRAVIA TVs, so that the a camera’s naturally high definition still images can be seen in all their glory on the big screen.

In addition, it’s usually a snap to connect up one of Sony’s HD camcorders directly to the TV.

By providing a wide range of connection ports, Sony has ensured that the BRAVIA TV can truly be a digital entertainment hub.

Andy Merrett
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