Think Apple/Microsoft is the world's number one brand? It's Google…


Perpetually in the top ten most powerful brands list, Google has knocked off Microsoft on at least one of them, according to the research company Millward Brown.

They’re claiming Google is worthy of being placed in their top 100 global brand power list, or ‘BrandZ’ list, due to a 30% annual increase in its value, estimated to be $86billion, (£43billion).

Other technology giants featured in the list are Microsoft in third place, China Mobile in fifth, and IBM in sixth spot with an estimated $55.3million. Apple follows just behind, increasing in brand value by 123%, due to “a slue of innovative products such as the iTouch, iPhone, Leopard and computers” according to the global account director at Millward Brown, Peter Walshe. Nokia is the last technology manufacturer in the top ten, at ninth place.

(via Guardian)

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Katherine Hannaford
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