Planex DigiJuke NAS – downloads YouTube and BitTorrent video and makes it easy to transfer

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planex_digijuke.jpgThe record and film labels are doing everything in their power to scare us away from piracy – but the tech companies keep making it easier. None more so than Planex with its DigiJuke NAS.

The MZK-NAS02SG1T (to give it the full name) is available in Japan, using its DigiJuke browser for searching and tagging BitTorrent and YouTube content you want downloaded , then downloading in appropriate PSP and iPod (MPEG-4), Wii (FLV), or TV (MPEG-2) format for viewing.

There’s also audio/video streaming, a front-facing USB 2.0 jack for one-touch dubbing and a pair of 3.5-inch 500GB drives included to get you going. it sells for the equivalent of £265.

Planex (via Engadget)

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