Nose Pit Mask: stops hay fever, stops disease, makes you sound silly

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Now, I don’t suffer from hay fever and I haven’t started coughing up lungs from London’s pollution just yet but I can see the appeal these nostril plugs would have for those with streaming cheeks at this time of year.

The Nose Mask Pit – I assume the translation is a little catchier in Japanese – is designed to help you defeat those foreign bodies just itching to get up your hooter. They’re made of the same bacteria catching material as surgical masks and fit snuggly into your beak, letting none past.

I wouldn’t try using them once you’ve already got a cold, or in full pollen hell, or else you may just create a snotty little missile waiting to fire out at the nearest person as soon as you sneeze. That’s the kind of social awkwardness from which a relationship never quite recovers.

They come with a whole pack full of replacement filters and aren’t too bad at 1,480 yen (£7) but they seem to be a bit more important in the part of world more associated with recent outbreaks of Bird Flu and Sars then getting a little irritated by pollen. Having said that, I wasn’t the only one shrinking away from a sneezing woman on the Tube this morning. No one likes a cold.

Bio-international (via Dvice)

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