Top 5 gadgets for Florence Nightingale – Happy Birthday to the Lady with the Lamp


As you may or may not know, today is the anniversary of the birth of one of Britain’s finest – the Lady with the Lamp herself, the pioneer of modern day nursing, Miss Florence Nightingale. It’s an education over here at Tech Digest.

If Flozza were alive today she’d be really old and not much good at nursing anymore and she’d be well on the way to her second telegram from her second queen at the ripe old score of 188 years old. Doubtless she would also be fascinated by advances in tech and were she to do her rounds in this day and age, then these would be Florence Nightingale’s top five gadgets.

Nose Pit Mask: stops hay fever, stops disease, makes you sound silly


Now, I don’t suffer from Hay Fever and I haven’t started coughing up lungs through London’s pollution just yet but I can see the appeal these nostril plugs would have for those with streaming cheeks at this time of year.

The Nose Mask Pit – I assume the translation is a little catchier in Japanese – is designed to help you defeat those foreign bodies just itching to get up your hooter…