The Byron Report part 2 – Brown asks child psychologist for a four-year follow up


tanya_brown_2.jpgImpressed by her recent work and her sensitively-angled head, Gordon Brown has asked Dr Tanya Byron to compile a follow-up paper to her recent report on online child safety.

“The prime minister has asked if I would come back in 2011 and see whether what I have been recommending has been implemented and I am currently considering whether I will do that,” said the not-so-good doctor.

Fresh from her success on getting the Government to consider certification for all video games, God knows what the TV child psychologist has up her sleeve for the web but you can bet your bottom dollar it’s going to fan the flames of middle-England hysteria.

“Parents see the internet as an electronic nanny but it’s not that at all,” she said, “It is opening the door into the world and saying go on and play.”

What Byron doesn’t seem to get is that, in her example, parents just shouldn’t open the door then or at least go and walk with the child when you do. The Government shouldn’t be wasting our money compiling reports about how to make the internet safe, they should be teaching parents how to be responsible.

If you don’t want your kid looking at porn or being vioent, give them a smack and tell them to stop it. Jesus, who did people used to blame before the internet and television? That radio, it’s pure evil I tell you, EVIL!

(via the Guardian)

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