Forget running it on an iPhone, Samsung hopes to offer Second Life on mobiles

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You might be able to get Second Life to run on your iPhone, but due to various problems involved in that process, I’d suggest you maybe flog your iBrick on eBay, go buy a Samsung. If you’re that obsessive about Second Life, which I bet you are if you’ve read this far.

They’re showing a demo over at CTIA this week, and hope to release the technology by the end of the year, along with an integrated blogging platform and easy communication between you and your Second Life elves/fairies/warlords through text and voicemail. An interesting idea, but chances are hardcore Second Life users who would want to play when out and about wouldn’t want to buy a smartphone like the above. Doubt they’ll offer it on G600s, if you catch my drift.

(via Virtual Worlds Forum)

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