China allows access to Wikipedia – but nothing dodgy about Tibet allowed

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golden-shield-great-firewall-china-lifted.jpgChinese authorities seem to be gradually lessening their censorship rules to keep the IOC happy, with Wikipedia popping up for those stuck on the other side of the ‘Firewall of China’.

Select English-language pages now appear for vandalism, although try looking up ‘Tiananmen Square’ or ‘Tibet’ and you’ll still be greeted with an error message. Also, the Chinese-language pages are still blocked, so it’s either a temporary glitch in the awesome-sounding Golden Shield Project, or we’re seeing China start to appease foreign visitors before the Olympic spotlight of truth and justice shines on it at full brightness.

And seeing as we live in a democracy, here’s a YouTube clip of poor little Konnie Huq getting thrust into the global spotlight during yesterday’s Olympic Torch rolling maul around London. She’s only an ex-Blue Peter presenter! Leave her out of this, you animals.

(Via Reuters)

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