Actual images of Guitar Hero Mobile – and it's out now

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guitar_hero-III-mobile-pictured.jpgGuitar Hero’s everywhere. On everyone’s consoles. On the DS. On the news. In blenders. And now it’s actually available in miniature format, should you have a decent enough mobile phone to handle it.

And it looks like that. That picture there. No, the one to the left. The one of the phone? See that thing on the screen? Yes? Good! That’s what GH III looks like running on a mobile phone. That’s also the frame rate it’ll run at on my ancient Nokia, too.

As ever when it comes to mobile games, we’re much more concerned about how we’re going to actually PLAY the game when using a device that’s primary function is making telephone calls. GHIII apparently uses three keys to replicate the buttons of the original’s guitar controller, although, bearing in mind you’ll have to be watching the screen like a hawk at the same time, that sounds like it might be a bit of a chore. it also sound like there’s no ‘hard’ mode, as that requires four buttons.

The disappointingly America-themed list of operators the game is now available on/through can be found over at the game’s official site.

(Via The Reg)

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  • N-Gage will hopefully jump on this. The online leaderboard the service offers could illustrate who in the world ‘rocks hardest’.

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