Sony's DPP-FP95 HDMI-equipped photo printer

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sony-dpp-fp95-hdmi-photo-printer.jpgA slightly insane idea from Sony, this – it’s gone and put an HDMI socket on a photo printer so you can look at your photos in HD on your television.

To make that idea even less appealing, the DPP-FP95 also has its own built-in 3.6″ LCD touch screen for looking at your photos on as well. It’s a gadget for people who definitely like seeing their face.

Printing at 300x300dpi resolution, the machine’s capable of whacking out a glossy print in around 45 seconds – with “auto touch up” letting you edit photos on the thing’s screen without needing a PC and pirated copy of Photoshop to remove everyone’s red eyes.

It gratefully accepts photos on Memory Stick, SD, CompactFlash and xD cards, plus there’s an optional Bluetooth dongle for transferring photos to a PC or getting them off a mobile phone without having to remember which drawer the cable is in.

You will, however, have to remember which drawer the Bluetooth dongle is in. There’s always a drawback of some sort.

(Via Akihabara News)

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