"Smart Goggle" will remember whether you put your keys in the oven or fridge while drunk last night

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smart-goggle-augmented-reality-glasses.jpgThe whole idea of Terminator/Predator style augmented vision is shaping up nicely in Japan right now, thanks to the efforts of another group of clever augmented-reality scientists.

The rather bulky set of glasses to the left there features a camera and display, with the camera feeding data to a clever – and apparently the “best yet” – object recognition system.

The idea is… you ‘teach’ the glasses the names of all your possessions, and, when you inevitably lose something, you can ask the glasses where you last saw it. Thanks to the specs constantly recording a live – and possibly horrifically incriminating – stream of everything you do, you’d then be treated to a few seconds of video recorded when the glasses last ‘saw’ the thing you’ve probably put on the table in the lounge.

Other possible real world uses include virtual tour guides, with creator Yasuo Kuniyoshi suggesting it could be used outside to instantly give you the names of flowers you’re looking at or the specs of vehicles – or, more likely, the chassis number of the engine pulling the 08.42 from London Waterloo.

Ideally, you’d be able to use it to instantly add women on the train to your Facebook account, simply by winking at them and having the software show you all the photos they’ve uploaded recently. Finally. Science with a proper real-world use.

(Via The Times)

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