OMGWOW! Emoticons: The Game – Out Now! OLOL!

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emoticons.jpgiQ212, a developer that will no doubt become synonymous with creativity and ambition, has announced its first game. It is called ‘Emoticons’.

Apparently it’ll get a PC release, then be ported to a web version for Facebook (which you can play here)

From what we can gather (I can’t be arsed to log into Facebook to find out), it is a Bubble Bobble style puzzle game.

Here is a sample of the promotional guff:

OMG! LOL! 😉 Happy, grumpy, flirty or CrAzY, Emoticons is the puzzle game for Everyone! It is a new puzzle game and new play mechanic that is easy start playing but impossible to stop playing.

There’s a mobile version coming soon, so you can play it wherever you go.

That’s it, thanks.

In honour of the occasion, here is my favourite smiley (or ’emoticon’, whatever):

Emoticons – The Game

(via Pocket Gamer)

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