Improve your well being with the Portable Oxygen Bar


oxygen_tank.jpgI’ve just been doing a spot of background research and now know that a shot of pure oxygen can strengthen the immune system, enhance concentration, cut down on hangovers hangovers and help with migraines. All with the word ‘allegedly’ in front of course. If you want to put it into practice, you can now pick up a Portable Oxygen Bar.

Available in the US, this lightweight and portable bar offers timed blasts of 10 to 30 minutes via a headset, five nose hoses and 12 mouthpiece filters (presumably so everyone gets a good fit) and a free additional intake filter so you can just charge up on an O2 shot whenever you need a kick.

Hook yourself up over lunch and you’ll be fighting fit for the afternoon session. Just as well really as the $729 price tag could mean a lot of upcoming overtime.

O2-B (via Born Rich)

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One thought on “Improve your well being with the Portable Oxygen Bar

  • Thanks for finding the O2-B Portable Oxygen Bar.
    Just to let you know, we will ship internationally, and have a 230volt available with your choice of plugs to adapt to anywhere in the world. AND we offer a 3 pay plan, which even without it, figures to about $12 US dollars every minute you use the machine. Some Oxygen Bars or salons can charge up to $20 per minute. Your personal Oxygen Bar would pay for itself in 2-3 half hour sessions!
    Our product also does not need tanks or refilling.
    Check it out…
    Thanks again, MR from O2innovations

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