Ziszor – the first 'designer' handheld paper shredder


I’ve nothing against shredding – in fact, it’s something to be encouraged when it comes to important financial documents. But do you really need a portable one?

Well, if your paranoia demands a shredder on call at all times, you might want to be seen with the Ziszor, described as the first ‘designer’ handheld paper shredder. Just 10 inches long, you can insert any folded paper (up to 5 sheets) into the Ziszor’s slot – then it’s just a matter of pressing the trigger button.

Powered by 4x AA batteries, it retails for $49.50, with ‘catch bags’ for your confetti sold separately.


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Dave Walker
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  • These Destroyit Shredders are compact enough to keep beside the desk and sleekly styled for any decor, yet all have the same high-grade steel cutting heads and 10-year warranty as the largest Destroyit shredders. Every model takes staples and paper clips.

  • That is very interesting. I wonder how many people would find a paper shredder like this useful? It looks nice.

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