Sony launches range of VoIP-friendly headsets

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Sony has introduced a new range of lightweight headsets for both music and VoIP calling, all designed for clear voice transmission with a fully adjustable rotating flexible boom microphone, Sony’s noise cancelling technology, Acoustic Twin Turbo Circuits and a Silent Cap Design for reduced sound leakage.

The range includes the basic DR-220DP in metallic orange and silver, the DR-220DPV, which adds with volume control, the purple DR-G250DP with ‘collapsible street style design’ perfect for travel and padded ear pads, the DR-260USBS hands-free stereo headset with removable USB audio box for volume and microphone sound control, the DR-115DP with swivel feature for right to left ear switching and finally, the top-end DR-EX230DP, which offers in-ear silicon ear-buds in three sizes for comfort, an in-line microphone for sound recording and a travel case.

Prices start at around 24 Euros, going up to around 45 Euros.


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