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Convinced that text messaging and standard mobile ringtones are really boring, has launched, giving you the opportunity to send (allegedly) hilarious, personalised, video clips to your mates.

These “Buzzcasts” are formed from piecing together professionally-made video clips into a message which can then be sent to a video-equipped mobile phone, or via email.

Suggestions for its use include asking someone out on a date, sending funny birthday messages, or even telling your boss you’re going to be late… yeah, because you’ve just been fired.

The videos have been produced by a group of former BBC and international filmmakers. Former BBC producer Justin Wickham, Outcast TV’s CEO and founder, says ‘BuzzMyGoat puts control in the hands of the audience. Anyone with a computer or mobile phone can interact and communicate with branded video content. It’s what video phones were made for!”

The first Buzz is free, after which it costs up to £2 to send these Buzzes.

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