IFA 2008: m-Qubic video messaging system – a post-it note for the future

The m-Qubic video messaging system is basically a post-it note on the fridge, but for the 21st century. You hit “record”, relay a quick message, and in tens of millions of years a highly advanced civilization will discover a fossil recording of you getting really pissed off with your flatmates eating your cornflakes. They’ll deduce that we were a warlike, aggressive race, and will blow up the rest of the planet in spite…

Get personal with BuzzMyGoat mobile video messaging


Convinced that text messaging and standard mobile ringtones are really boring, BuzzMyGoat.com has launched, giving you the opportunity to send (allegedly) hilarious, personalised, video clips to your mates.

These “Buzzcasts” are formed from piecing together professionally-made video clips into a message which can then be sent to a video-equipped mobile phone, or via email.