Get P Diddy on the phone, Tiffany & Co. has created a $94k mobile handset!

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tiffany-phone%282%29.jpgThat, my friends, is what you’re going to be buying your loved one this Valentine’s Day. What, are you balking at the $94,000 price-tag? DO YOU NOT LOVE YOUR OTHER HALF THAT MUCH?! Shame on you, I hope he/she gives you one of these next week, then.

This phone, which you can guarantee Nicolas Sarkoz will be buying for Carla Bruni next week, was created by jewellery makers Tiffany & Co., and Softbank Mobile. Whilst the press release issued about the handset didn’t mention anything about specifications, it did say however that it’s got 400 diamonds stuck on, which is the equivalent of 20 carats apparently.

Wonder what Vertu thinks about this rival model?

(via Tokyo Mango)

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