VIDEO: Reporting from the show floor at ATEI 2008


In case you don’t know, ATEI is a massive trade show for the arcade and amusement world. It’s mainly for businessmen to go to and do serious business with/to each other, but there’s one very good reason everyone should register and attend – loads of arcade machines all set to freeplay!

So I went. And did a video. It’s a bit long, but you get to see lots of people having fun playing new games, including SEGA’s ultra-odd floor-based-TV game UFO Stomper. Here are the edited highlights of my fun-filled day out.

If you can’t be bothered to watch all seven minutes of it, I totally understand. But I must INSIST you watch the Galaxy Rider clip in its glorious entirety, if only to see just how bored and disappointed the poor boy was at the end of this incredibly uninteresting ride.

Here’s the raw footage, if you’re at all interested in this sort of thing.

Galaxy Rider – Behold the SLOWEST and LEAST THRILLING ride in existence today!

UFO Stomper – SEGA’s interactive TV game thing for the physically willing and able.

Mad Wave Motion Theater – Where you lie down and get shaken about for a bit. Almost certainly costs too much for a go.

UFO catcher failure – THRILL as someone nearly manages to get a huge pack of Dairy Milk from a UFO catcher. But doesn’t.

SEGA ascension – Going up the stairs to the SEGA booth and getting very excited!

Silent Hill The Arcade – Yes, that’s what they’re calling it at the moment.

SEGA Race TV – Crazy SEGA race game.

Odd manual shooting game – A businessman playing Sea World FIRE.

Revolving Bobs – Bob The Builder and Zippy in a slowly rotating prison (UFO catcher machine).

Primeval Hunt – In which SEGA encourages players to shoot and kill dinosaurs 🙁

Pop it for GOLD – Pop it. For GOLD!

Cute puppies – SEGA’s PlaytimePuppies.

Football Fever – With an actual real ball for you to kick.

Dinosaurs – Animatronic dinosaurs. No idea why. Didn’t even bother asking.

Dancing stars – Pros playing a dancing game. Always the highlight of any arcade gathering.

Highway 66 – A ten pin bowling game. Filmed this mainly out of sympathy.

Punching hard – Some kid really giving it some on boxing game BoxClub.

Ballers – Men playing basketball.

Ghost Squad EX – Men playing Ghost Squad in suits.

Giving up and going home – Me not doing very well at a test of strength and deciding to call it a day.

Gary Cutlack
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