The Kids are law-abiding music purchasers after all. Well, mostly.

Digital Music

itunes-kids.jpgTeenagers don’t pay for anything these days: I’ve heard they even download their hoodies and skateboards from BitTorrent and print them out. It’s an outrage. However, it seems those pesky kids are actually less piratey than was thought when it comes to digital music.

A survey by NPD Group of 9-14 year-olds in the US has found that 70% of them download music. However, of those, 49% BUY it on iTunes, compared to the 26% using Limewire. MySpace comes in third with 16%.

However, NPD Group thinks the music industry could still do more to convince kids to pay for their downloads, for example promoting pre-paid accounts and gift cards to get around the need for a credit card when buying music. Ad-funded download services could also help, although given this week’s controversy around the launch of Qtrax, perhaps not just yet.

(via Billboard)

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