NovaTunes offers an authentic spin on Music 2.0

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novatunes.jpgThat’s ‘authentic’ as in ‘authentic singer-songwriters’ for the most part, I should warn you. If you’re more of a banging techno kinda person, you probably won’t be interested in NovaTunes. However, if you want a way to buy new music by the likes of Jackson Browne, Graham Nash, Julian Fordham, and a host of other artists.

Here’s how it works: you can listen to the latest album by each artist in full, and then if you want to buy it, you pay for a ‘download pack’ (DP for short) which includes DRM-free music files, videos, artwork and other digital content. The artist gets 70% of the purchase price, making it a moneyspinner for them.

The site itself is pretty slick, too. It builds you a personalised page with all the artists you’ve said you like, and there’s also a locker feature storing the albums you’ve bought. Register now, and you get two free compilation DPs of artists from the site.

NovaTunes website

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  • I can’t believe they decided to call them DPs. Surely someone must have realised that there are other, less savory meanings to that two letter acronym.

    Still, if you’re the sort of person who likes that sort of music then you’d probably like this website. Looks a bit middle of the road for my tastes.

  • VERY cool site. I checked it out because I’m a Jackson Browne fan, but wound up really liking a few other artists I’d never heard of.

    Cool that you get a lyrics/credits sheet with purchase, too.

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