Now NEC is launching a curvy gaming monitor

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One of the hits of CES was Alienware’s curvy 2880×900-resolution gaming monitor, which promised to provide FPS-heads with even better peripheral vision. The technology behind it was provided by Ostendo Technologies. However, it’s emerged the company is providing the same tech to other monitor-makers.

Like who? NEC, that’s who. The company has its own curvy monitor with the same double-WXGA+ resolution, as well as a contrast ratio of 10,000:1. It basically looks the same as the Alienware one, although something tells me NEC’s model might cost slightly less (neither model has a price or release date yet).

Are curved displays the Next Big Thing for PC gamers, or a novelty product that’ll be too expensive to go mass-market? 2008 will tell. I’m wondering if one of these things will improve my fast-fading Football Manager skills…

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  • I’ve seen this monitor in person! it’s a great quality monitor. It’s awesome with the curve appeal! 🙂

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