Micro Mixer DJ-4 – DJing for dummies

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Fancy doing a spot of DJing, but don’t find the usual DJ mixer a bit intimidating? Well, give it the book and replace it with the Micro Mixer DJ-4.

This little device makes DJing as easy as it comes. Just hook up two audio devices (iPod, MP3 player, CD player, record deck, computer – anything you like really), then hook the mixer to a stereo system or speakers. Done that? Good- just press play on the first source and you’re away. And it you want to mix in the other audio source, a twist of the knobs is all that’s needed.

If that’s going to be your first step to being a superstar DJ, you’ll need $133.25, which is around £67.

GeekStuff4U (via Switched On Set)

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Dave Walker
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