Twentyfour:London bar and nightclub is the most technologically-advanced yet

The launch of a new bar in London has got the whole of Shiny Towers in a tizz, not just because it’s literally down the road from our offices and we’re renowned cocktail-supping gals, but because it promises to be not just London’s most technologically-advanced bar, but possibly the world’s too.

It’s reportedly the first bar in the world with a fully-interactive interior, where customers can control projected images on every wall, choosing between ‘dot matrix sci-fi chic, crashing sea surroundings, Californian desert scenery’, or even your own images and videos. If you fancy getting even more involved with the interior decoration, you can play with the interactive virtual Koi Carp, or dance and watch your thermal shadows on the walls replicating every shape being thrown…

Denon DN-HC4500 promises DJ's intuitive performances from digitally-stored music


With the rise in music being stored digitally on MP3 players and computer hard drives, Denon has launched its DN-HC4500 DJ computer performance controller, designed to enable both professional and bedroom DJs to get a more intuitive feel to their music mixing.

It’s a USB MIDI/audio interface and controller, offering low latency ASIO (highly important when working with live audio), and OS X Core Audio support. Audio wise, it features 24-bit processing, plus a USB 2.0 audio interface with 2-channel stereo output, and 44.1/48/96kHz sampling.