Lego's special edition 50th anniversary 'golden brick' set


lego-anniversary-box.jpgAnother Lego story for today, you ask? Well, it *is* their 50th birthday, and we’re usually in the habit of being nice to OAPs, so here’s your chance to hear about their limited edition anniversary set.

With the usual great selection of coloured bricks, an ultra-special 2×4 metallic golden brick is also included, guaranteeing hours of fighting over who gets to create a golden ‘clock’ on the front of their Lego house. Or golden tooth in their giant Lego man…

Whoever wins, you know it’ll get stolen as soon as the next door neighbour’s kids come over for a play, but as it’s not being released until August, that’ll give you several months to move house to get away from any potential thieves.


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Katherine Hannaford
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