INTERNET DOWN! INTERNET DOWN! Boredom reaches CRISIS LEVEL in India and Middle East as cable damage downs 70% of web


middle-east-web-outage-disaster.jpgFollowing damage to an undersea cable, large chunks of India and the Middle East were left without internet access yesterday.

Imagine that happening here. Just imagine. Now stop imagining it, or you’ll end up having nightmares about being forced to start spending the evenings watching TV and talking to your partner again.

The cabling concerned is officially called SEA-ME-WE 4, which is a 17,400 mile long fibre-optic link that runs from South East Asia to Europe via India.

A ship’s anchor is apparently to blame, ripping through the cable in the port of Alexandria in Egypt. In this global equivalent of kicking someone’s power cable out, two of Dubai’s ISPs were forced offline, with Kuwait, the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia also suffering broken services – and several call centres have been taken down by the damage, which could take a week to repair.

Tech Digest is advising all tourists to avoid the area until service is resumed.

(Via BBC)

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