CES 2008: Samsung announces its first high definition digital camera – the NV24HD


Samsung has a number of new cameras on show at the CES, the pick of the bunch being the NV24HD.

The 10 mega-pixel NV24HD allows you to record high definition video (well, 720p resolution at up to 30fps to be precise), with a HDMI interface to hook up to your HD-ready TV later. Other features include a 2.5-inch AM-OLED Screen, dual picture stabilisation (optical picture and digital picture stabilisation), faster Advanced Shake Reduction (ASR) to 0.7 seconds, advanced noise reduction which supports up to ISO 3200 and a local contrast control which enables the camera to compensate the brightness of a shadowed subject in backlit conditions.

The NV24HD is priced at £249 and should be around from March 2008.


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Dave Walker