CES 2008: Blu-ray set to kill off UMD as a PSP movie format

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sony-psp-blu-ray.jpgI’ve just published the liveblog of the Blu-ray press conference at CES (you can read it here), but one element in particular is worth pulling out. There was talk of a new feature where you’ll be able to put a Blu-ray disc in your PS3, and within seconds, have a copy of the movie ready to transfer to your PSP.

It sounds great. But the big question is, will it be the death knell for UMD as a movie format? In other words, why would you buy UMD discs, when you can just buy the Blu-ray version and then have a digital copy ready for transferring to PSP?

Okay, so UMD isn’t exactly thriving – this is more of a last straw than a mortal blow. But it’s clear that for the big movie studios, PSP is increasingly a device to target digitally, rather than with discs. Poor old UMD. Perhaps it can mope in a corner with HD DVD…

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  • Given that the PSP’s main function is to play games, which come on UMDs, I can’t see them getting rid of the UMD drive just yet.

  • So if UMD is finished that means there will another model of the PSP(unless the UMD drive thingy can be used another way)as to utilize the space left behind.

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