Chevrolet's KITTY LOC8TOR for the valium-addled American housewife


chevrolet-loc8tor.jpgWe hesitate to use such cliched old phrases as “only in America,” but if you can show us another country in the world that requires custom gadgetry to help drivers locate their cars we’d be amazed.

This is the KITTY LOC8TOR. It’s a sort of walkie-talkie thing that, when you activate it, makes a base station in your car make a variety of noises. So you can find it, just in case you’ve forgotten what colour it is or if it’s a Focus or an Astra. It also “has the added feature of being able to record a message that gets amplified as soon as the unit is put into locate mode,” which is a terrifying prospect.

And just when you thought it couldn’t get an worse – KITTY stands for Key Innovation That Talks to You. There’s a web site about it if you have nothing to do until home time and require cheering up by reading about how stupid and beyond saving other people are.

(Via AutomoGadgets)

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Gary Cutlack
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  • And these huge carparks dont have a reference slot as we do? When we park we usually find a letter and a number on a post/column near by that gives a grid reference to where we parked. Remember that and you are fine. And of course the remote key to make it flash when you get near.

    This does feel like overkill. I am keenly interested in the size of the market for this gadget. It seems to me to be another of the “you dont have to think anymore ” variety.

  • Parking garages must be a lot smaller in the UK. Some business and shopping centers have ones that are *huge*. Forget where you parked, and you might as well take the bus home.

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