Buddi GPS locator – track your family

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The most common use of GPS is to find your way from A to B. But the Buddi GPS locator offers a different spin – locating people.

The most obvious use is to track your children when they’re out and about, but if you are particularly mistrusting, you could use it to keep track of your partner. If they agree to that obviously. The miniature hardware shouldn’t be an undue burden to wear – and once you have it on, it will notify a network at a pre-determined time interval of location.

What could be restrictive is the price – £300 for the unit and £20 per month for the service, support and the ability to pinpoint the wearer on a web-based map. If you can stretch to that, it’s available in the coming weeks.

Buddi website

Via Navigadget

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  • This is what, the 497th GPS/GSM “track your kids and keep them safe” device? Maybe this one will succeed.

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