Why having sex with robots is not Bad And Wrong


robot-sex.jpgI was quite excited to see Honda’s Asimo robot at CES last year, but at no point did I feel the urge to leap on-stage and have sticky man-bot love with him. Honestly. Yet it’s those kind of couplings (well, the man-robot part, not the live on-stage at CES part) that are the subject of a book called ‘Love + Sex With Robots’.

New Scientist has been interviewing the author David Levy, who’s in no mood to be labelled a cyberperv. “I see nothing wrong in people having sex with robots. I believe that it will come to be regarded as a perfectly healthy activity, just as masturbation (once thought by physicians and psychiatrists to be the root of just about all health evils) is nowadays regarded as a perfectly healthy activity.”

However, he maintains that sex robots won’t be lust objects or prostitutes, but instead “valued as relationship partners in the widest sense of the word”. Oh, and that they might be programmed to flatter their human partners, no matter how flabby and/or ugly they are. Now, pucker up RoboSapien, I’m feeling frisky…

David Levy interview on New Scientist

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Stuart Dredge
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