Music biz bigwig Edgar Bronfman tells mobile industry to get lively, music-wise

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bronfman.jpgIt’s an exciting time for mobile music, what with the iPhone going on sale here in the UK, Vodafone launching its subscription-based MusicStation service, the new Nokia Music Store and all manner of other developments. Yet it seems the music industry isn’t satisfied yet.

Specifically, Edgar Bronfman isn’t happy. He’s the chairman of Warner Music Group, and thus something of A Big Cheese in the music biz. And he’s warned the mobile operators and manufacturers that they need to sharpen up their music activities in the face of competition from iPhone and Google’s Android platform.

“With Apple’s iPhone innovation and Google coming in, if the mobile phone industry doesn’t respond with highly competitive offerings, they’re going to watch their share of the opportunity diminish,” he said. I know what’d help: if the mobile industry could start selling DRM-free tracks. But hang on, isn’t it companies like WMG that have held up that process? Hmm.

(via Billboard)

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