Wattson – lighten your carbon footprint


Worried about the amount of energy your home is chewing up? You can find out with the aid of mood lighting with the Wattson.

This smart piece of design is designed to show much energy you use in your home, so you can reduce consumption and lighten your carbon footprint. Your energy use is shown in glowing red characters on the top whilst the underside glows blue when you’re using little power – becoming progressively redder the more energy you’re using. A warning on your energy use as well as some interesting mood lighting along the way – two for one if you like.

It can be installed in seconds – just clip the sensor around one of the two wires running between your electricity meter and fuse box and you are away. The display itself is wireless and handheld and can be taken anywhere in the home. There’s also software so you can view data and connect with an online community of fellow Wattson owners. It retails for £155.

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Dave Walker
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