trioBike – the eco-friendly way to get your family around


Having kids usually means a trip to the local car dealer for a people carrier. But there is a more eco-friendly way of getting your family around and keeping yourself fit – the trioBike.

At first glance, it might look like a low-tech motorbike and sidecar, but this is all about pedal power, with an interchangeable design that offers up three uses – carrying up to two children in a buggy style (weighing up to 80kg), using as a carrier bike or simply using as a rather stylish bicycle.

All three configurations are easy to set up by hand and the trioBike has been tested to strict Danish safety standards – so you know your children will be safe. It’s priced at £2,065 – considerably cheaper than that people carrier.

Funktion Alley (via Retro To Go)

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