Rwandan 'One Laptop Per Child' childrens' first word 'Google'

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It’s all well and good harping on constantly about the One Laptop Per Child scheme, but is it actually benefitting the children of Africa?

According to a chap on CNN the other day, out in Rwanda demonstrating the effects made on the kiddywinks, the changes have been plentiful. Not only have the laptops been welcomed with open arms, but the children are learning new words, through the wonderous powers the internet holds.

You know what words they’re learning? Not ‘RSS feeds’, ‘DDoS’, or even ‘user-generated content’. No, according to Nicholas Negroponte, the chap wheeled out to Rwanda for the CNN look-and-learn feature, “Many of the young kids in Rwanda using the laptop – their first word is Google.” Or is it that just “goo-goo”?

(via CenterNetworks)

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