Philips SRU8015 Prestigo universal remote control – control up to 15 devices with one handset

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A solution to the ever-growing mountain of kit in your living room – the Philips SRU8015 Prestigo universal remote control – which can control up to 15 devices from a single unit.

The SRU8015 features a 2-inch, 176 x 220 full-colour LCD screen, a rotary wheel and white key backlighting for navigation. The ‘Fav’ button lists up to 100 preferred channel icons (from a total choice of 400), allowing to choose from icons rather than remembering channel numbers. There are also buttons for accessing ‘special’ functions for your old remotes and a ‘home’ for listing all devices available for control.

The SRU8015 supports almost any product, and can learn codes of new remotes just by pointing the handset and the device or existing remote control at each other. It is available now for around £99.99.

Philips Prestigio

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