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noisyphone.jpgYou have to read that headline in the voice of Dom Joly, obviously. Yes, the NOISYPHONE (those capitals are essential, given the subject) is a new home telephone capable of ringing at a whopping 43 decibels.

We wrote about it in January, but it’s just gone on sale here in the UK. It’s aimed at the hard of hearing, as well as people working in noisy environments where a regular phone ring may go unnoticed. For the former group, it’s also got great big buttons, extra speed-dial buttons, and three programmable emergency buttons to call 999, a doctor or a neighbour/relative.

See, you don’t have to buy your gran some Boots pot pourri again this Christmas. Get her a NOISYPHONE instead. It costs just £69.95 plus postage, but she’ll thank you for it. Even if her neighbours won’t. Oh, and she’ll be extra happy about the free copy of Jack Cagney’s ‘Sentimental Journeys’ album that comes with it. The neighbours won’t like that either.


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Stuart Dredge
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