Noisyphone – the world's noisiest phone


Is the claim of being the world’s noisiest phone a particularly good claim? Not if you want to keep friends in the workplace or a good atmosphere on the daily commute, but for people with hearing difficulties, the Noisyphone is a very useful device.

It delivers a seriously loud ringtone volume of up to 83DB, making it ideal for the hard of hearing as well as those working in workshops, factories, garages or environments where there is a great deal of background noise. In addition to the loud ring, the phone also features a large/highly visible bright red flashing light. If 83DB is a bit much, the volume is adjustable.

Other features include extra large 1″ (2.5cm) square dialling buttons enabling easy use for those who have limited vision, nine large speed-dial keypad buttons, which can house images of friends/family and 3 emergency buttons, which can be programmed in for the emergency services or a nearby relative.

You can buy a Noisyphone online for £89.95.

Noisyphone website

Dave Walker
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