CES 2007: Belkin intro Battery Backup with Flashlight

CES 2007, Computers, Macworld 2007

belkinbatterybackup.jpgBelkin have introduced a product specifically for when the lights go out and the power’s down. The Battery Backup with Flashlight is designed to protect your valuable equipment and data, plus ensure that you don’t trip over it because you can’t see anything.

The detachable flashlight turns on immediately when the power goes off, providing you with a convenient, portable light source, whilst the Battery Backup keeps your connected equipment on, giving you ample time to shut down and prevent any data loss or hardware damage.

It features a cable-management loop to help organise that clutter of wires, a rechargeable, removable super-bright LED flashlight with on/off switch, and comes housed in a compact, attractive unit. Its 550VA battery-load capacity offers around 20 minutes of backup time, and features 4 backup outlets plus surge protection.

It includes Power Management Software for automatic shutdowns, proactive alerts, messaging, and diagnostic support.


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Andy Merrett
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