Cliff fans run new album price down to £3.99 in one week

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Contrary to the view that the internet is all about bright young social networking things, Cliff Richard’s ageing army of fans has run down the price of his new album in just a week through online ordering.

As we mentioned last week, Cliff’s new album is being offered with flexible pricing, with more pre-orders online leading to a lower price for all. That low price of £3.99 was reached in just one week, so everyone who ordered this exclusive version of Love – The Album will pay that low price.

Cliff said yesterday, “I knew it! Never under estimate a Cliff Richard fan. In half the predicted time well over a thousand of them have hit their computers and triggered a cut price online bargain for my latest album. That’s many, many more than those who bought online last time. Well done. I’m proud of you.”

Cliff album website

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