Chernobyl's explosion due to hideous Ukrainian PC mod, experts claim


ukrainian-PC-mod.jpgThis lovely PC mod hails from the Ukraine. Now, I know you’re eyeing the picture hesitantly, dubious someone would actually do this to their lovely PC tower, but let me clear something up for you: they would. I went to the Ukraine a few months back for holiday, and this sort of spectacle was sold in the shops, on the street, heck even the hotel gift shop.

The chap behind this wondrous creation, Mr. Valerie Beetle, is apparently obsessed with sketching (dragons and wizards, probably), and woodwork (no doubt garden decorations in the shape of wolves), which inspired him to mod his PC up.

Somewhere, J.K. Rowling is cursing herself she didn’t hear of this guy before she wrote her Harry Potter series.

(via Gizmo Watch)

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