AOL attempts to claw back UK market with new mobile portal home

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aol-uk-mobile-home.jpgMost of our readers should remember the days when AOL ruled the search engine kingdom, long before we’d ever heard of Google. They’re share-holders must be getting worried, as they’re attempting to claw back some of their UK readers by launching AOL mobile, a mobile internet portal which visually optimises content for handsets.

The new portal shows content using ‘dynamic mobile transcoding technology’, giving you access to ‘web surf’, ’email’, and ‘search’ functions, all from Gone are the days when internet content on your mobile handset looks dodgy and incomplete, as due to the transcoding, it will look perfect on any handset.

It’s already available on your mobile, all you need to do is text ‘AOL’ to 85885, with the usual charges applying.


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