AOL unveils BlueString media-sharing site. Yes, it's in beta.

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aol-bluestring.jpgAOL has launched a new site called BlueString, which offers users 5GB of online storage to share music, photos and video clips for free. That’s around 1,600 songs, 10,000 photos and 600 videos, to be specific.

Users can also collaborate on shows, a bit like Flickr’s sets and groups, and there’s a premium option costing $99 a year for 50GB of space. In the future, AOL says it’ll let users link directly to video and photos from AOL’s partners.

The sharing aspects are intriguing. BlueString’s tour says that your media never leaves your BlueString account, so presumably friends can stream your music, but not download it for themselves. What the music industry will make of that is anyone’s guess. Anyway, BlueString is in beta, with a planned commercial launch next year.

BlueString website

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