AOL reveal top searches in 2006


aol.pngAOL has published the top keywords searched for using AOL Search during 2006, split into top 10 lists in a variety of categories.

The top 5 news searches were:

1. Gas prices
2. Steve Irwin
3. Immigration
4. Bird Flu
5. Iraq

The top 5 celebrities were:

1. Paris Hilton
2. Chris Brown
3. Oprah Winfrey
4. Jessica Simpson
5. Eva Longoria

When it comes to techie gadgets, the iPod is clearly the winner, even over generic terms:

1. iPod
2. Cell Phones
3. Digital Cameras
4. TracFone
5. Playstation 3
6. Laptops
7. Xbox 360
8. GPS
9. Blackberry
10. Nintendo

Lots more search results can be found at, and whilst a lot of it’s highly US-biased, it makes for quite interesting reading.

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Andy Merrett
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