AOL cash in on fear of identity theft, for just £7 a month


AOL seems to have decided that it’s time to branch out from their core business of providing Internet access and services, and instead are offering to be a go-between for credit reference agencies and an insurance company.

Paying AOL £7 a month allows you to access your personal credit reports, and also get insurance cover should your identity be stolen and your credit rating adversely affected.

20,000 people have already responded to the fear and signed up, despite the fact that you can check your credit report online for far less money, and that many credit companies offer their own, free, fraud protection.

While credit and identity fraud is on the increase, you’ll have to decide for yourself if £84 of your hard earned cash should be speeding its way to AOL each year (bearing in mind that they haven’t been credited with doing a good job in their core business area, never mind this offshoot), or if you might just be better served investing in a paper shredder, being vigilant, and keeping an eye on your own credit report at a much lower cost.


Andy Merrett
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