Samsung's new F330 musical slider web phone

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samsung-F330.jpgIt’s a rather nice slidy one with HSDPA and a web browser for updating your tech blog from the safety of bed, with a 2megapixel camera and an easily large enough 2.1″ QVGA screen.

She (all mobiles are ladies) can take microSD cards to boost her ludicrously puny 24MB of built-in memory, and you’re able to fill her right up with MP3, AAC, AAC+ eAAC+ (hasn’t AAC been busy recently?) and WMA sound files thanks to its pleasingly non-proprietary USB 2.0 connection.

The F330’s out in Europe this month, with an RRP of 260 euro – but that’s pretty much meaningless in this bizarre world of subsidised contracts. If you want it, phone up and say you’re cancelling your contract. Then it shall arrive by courier the next day with a hand-written post-it note with kisses on.

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