Beyonce is very happy to endorse Samsung's Bphone


samsung-beyonce-bphone.jpgIt’s the Beyonce Bphone, which seems to be a standard Samsung UpStage 620 music phone given a marginal makeover and marketing boost.

The UpStage is the one with screens and buttons on both sides – hold it one way round and it’s a phone. Flip it over and good crikey there’s a load of MP3 player buttons and a separate screen on the back. Samsung has given it a new burgundy and gold colour scheme to please Miss Beyonce, plus there’s even an exclusive Beyonce-themed start-up sequence – as if anyone ever turns their phones off these days.

It packs an enhanced battery, supposedly giving you up to 14 hours of music-listening time. 14 hours. Of Beyonce. Brilliant.

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One thought on “Beyonce is very happy to endorse Samsung's Bphone

  • What a rip off, not every fan can afford that. The song will be uploaded somewhere anyway. Uh Bee are you that desperate to make money? Sounds tacky

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